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Oh herp it is already February. orz

Already passed ALA but I wore
Morgiana - Magi
Cir-El - Supergirl
Akane Tsunemori - PSYCHO-PASS
Caster Medea - Carnival Phantasam
Fujiko Mine (Pistol Figure) - Lupin III
Sakura Ichiko - Binbougami Ga!

Katsucon is next week:
Akane Tsunemori - PSYCHO-PASS
Fujiko Mine (Pistol) - Lupin III
Reika Shimohira - Gantz
Mary McLane - Gantz
Sadayo Suzumura - Gantz

Morgiana - Magi
FemC - Legend of Mana
Matan - The Epic of Zektbach
Akane Tsunemori - PSYCHO-PASS

All the Gantz
Whatever work for ACP

For the future I promise I am working on it:
Rathian Heart U blade master armor with a Diablos Lance.

I've also made a facebook page where I post my in progress and for sale items! Please follow me there too:…
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Wow it has been a whole year already. Got to do a lot of things and eat a lot of good meals this year! Don't have much to say here, but here is to year 2012!

Anime Los Angeles

Palm - Hunter x Hunter
Iop - Wakfu
Casual Rider(Gender swap) - Fate/Zero

Oichi (v.2) - Sengoku Basara
Rathian Heart U Blade Master - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Rider (Gender Swap) - Fate/Zero
Saber - Fate/Zero

Things I want to do:
All the MonHuns
Female MC - Legend of Mana
Senbonzakura Meiko - Vocaloid
Nanami - Utapri
Shirahoshi - One Piece
Wedding Sheryl - Macross Frontier
Fem.Shepard - Mass Effect

Cons I want to make it to:
Comic Con

See you space cowboy.
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I guess I should do another list thing for this year now that it isn't 2010 anymore. Going to go slow on costumes and hard on the books, I want to graduate soon and hopefully do it on time.

EDITED: April 2011

Cirno, Koumajou Yuyuko, Race Queen Momiji - Touhou
Camus - Detroit Metal City
Konoha - Arcana Hearts
White/Hilda/Touko - Pokemon Black and White
Masquerade Costume

Anime Expo -
Raviente Blade Master- Monster Hunter Frontier

REALLY SUPER EXCITED FOR MONHUN. My dude Davey and I are planning on doing one armor set for each environment, so after Barrioth, I wanna do Rathalos Blademaster X for the Hills/Plains shoot. Maybe Urukususu for snow shoot so I wont freeze.
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Here is a list of costumes I am planning on making and cons I hope to be wearing them at. Any of my old costumes may make an appearance but this list is mostly for the newer ones. Obviously this isn't set in stone, just more of a reminder for me what I plan on doing since my computer is gone. Also I want to compare to the wonderful people's plans on my friends list.

MagFest (January 1st-4th, 2010 Alexandria, Virginia. One of my favorite places in the world)
Engineer - Team Fortress 2
Taokaka - BlazBlue

Katsucon (February 12th-14th, 2010 Washington DC)
Alan - Basquash
Taokaka - BlazBlue
Melfina - Outlaw Star
Maybes: Alice Wong - Darker than Black and Oichi - Sengoku Basara 2

Sakuracon (April 2nd-4th, 2010 Seattle, Washington)
Melfina - Outlaw Star
Zatch/Gash - Zatch/Gash Bell
Maybes: Alice Wong - Darker than Black, Lotty - Pandora Hearts(unlikely), Oichi - Sengoku Basara 2, either Tashigi or Boa Hancock - One Piece

Fanime (May 28th-31st 2010, San Jose, California)
Yukari - Paradise Kiss
The Manager - Detroit Metal City
Either Alma or Reis Dular - Final Fantasy Tactics
Sorbet - Reed Chronicles
Maybes: ??? - Trigun, Nekoi - X/1999, Aya - Touhou Project

Anime EXPO (July 1st-4th 2010, Los Angeles, California)
Nothing set.
Maybes: Nidoqueen - Pokemon, Nekoi - X/1999, Meiling(China) - Touhou Project
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So I got interviewed by a French web-zine.…

I find it amusing besides Sadako, whom they were interested in, they only use half nekkid photos of me. XD

I wish my lolibot or Oichi or Taokaka or someone else whom I'm more proud of were used in their stead. Oooh well.
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:iconshadownet752: flies in at 8:30
:iconsakusakus: gets him comes to my house
Henry flies in at 10:30
Davey flies in at 11:30
Henry grabs Davey and car and heads over to hotel after calling
:iconshadownet752:, :iconsakusakus: , and I head over to hotel
Check in
Hot tub?

12:00 - 3:00 = Booth working times as Hikari
Cosplay: Maybe Meiko?
6:30 - ??? = Gurren Raggens Premier as Nia
Gurren Raggens photo shoot with people

Some time BlazBlue booth as Taokaka
4:30 - 7:45 = Movie premier times as Rei? Hikari?

Cosplay: Taokaka until Movie, then change into Rei/Hikari. After that, Night time Yuukata Basara and awesome party times with lovelies. <3

10:00 - 1:00 = Booth times as Hikari
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM BlazBlue Booth times as Taokaka
Cosplay: If it is allowed wear Gypsy ALL NIGHT LONG. Maybe GI Joe depending on Nikki and Twins.(Reminder: Find decency cloak for Gypsy)

10:00 - 1:00 = Booth times as Hikari
2:30 - ??? = Basara photo shoot at Grand Kyoto Garden
??? - ??? = Party times in Daimond Plaza, Basara and Persona 4

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  • Reading: Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede
  • Watching: Dasiy of Love
  • Playing: Pokemon Platinum
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Okay AX is in two weeks.

I am so not ready.

This post will be edited when I know dates and times for stuff.

I'll be working at the Funamation booth again this con, we'll be promoting the new Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone movie, so stop by and say "Hello"! I'll be there as Hikari.

I'll also be at the signing of Toshimichi Mori and maybe Daisuke Ishiwatari(not 100% sure on this guy. <3) for their new game BlazBlue at the Aksys booth as Taokaka.

Costumes I plan on wearing for AX are:

Hikari from Eva
Taokaka from BlazBlue
Oichi from Sengoku Basara
Gypsy from Ragnarok Online for Masquerade
Meiko from Vocaloids

I am still debating if I will have time enough to bring Crona from Soul Eater and Nia from Gurren.

If anyone is interested you can track my progress at my LJ RavenDarkWings. It is Friends Only though so please comment if adding.
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So who is going to Anime Expo? >D
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Okay so costumes I am bringing to Fanimu.

Noodle from GORRILAZ with :iconsorae: and :iconceruleandraco: Thursday and whenever
Meiko with :icondynamitebreakdown: Friday morning
Boobizune from Soul Eater with Cindy on Friday Afternoon
Nia(Pre-skip) from Gurren Lagann with :iconsakusakus: on Saturday
Taokaka from BlazBlue with :iconsorae: and :iconceruleandraco: on Sunday
Meiko from Vocaloids with :iconakusesu: Sunday night
Yukiko from Persona 4 with People and Monday

Unplaced Costumes:
Deming from GI Joe with the Twins whenever (ALL DAY EVERY DAY!)
Duskull from Pokemans with :iconearthbounder: and :iconlisu-c:

Thursday :iconearthbounder: , :iconlisu-c: , and I will probably bus it over in the late afternoon. Hang out times during pre-reg, and then head home for awesome curry, brownies, and Basara night.

Friday check in is at 12, but I hope to be there earlier so I can do Vocaloids with Matt.

I'm out at the dorm now but I want to try to remember where Peggy Sue's(which is the MOST awesome dinner/burger joint EVER) and that Vietnamese 3 dollar sub sandwich place are located. I also want to eat at Joe's but that is reserved for when I am feeling rich. <3

I want to do Black and White Ball, but my dress is gold. Who knows how to waltz? XD

If anyone wants my number please send me a note. I'll see you guys there!!!
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Yo! I figured I should start using this seeing I got a lot of people who fav'd me lately. (Thank you! I appreciate each and every one of you! <3)

First off I'd like to give a little mini introduction.

My name is Lauren, but I go by DW because Lauren is far to common. My screen name comes from my two cats, Pijo and Genjo, whom I love dearly. My icon is my OC DW that :iconporifra: drew for me a few years ago.

I enjoy watching TV, my favorite show is Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods, and I love watching bad reality dating shows on VH1. XD

I am a nerd. I am currently playing through Persona 4, Pokemon Rangers 2, Puzzle Quest, and Princess Debut. I am reading Fairy Tail, Naruto and Bleach, Deka Wanko, Deadman Wonderland, and Soul Eater. I don't watch much anime but I am currently enamored in Natsume Yuujinchou.

Now for Sakura Con:

I drivng up Thursday afternoon with :iconlisu-c: and friends and I am staying with the wonderful :iconjimi-xx: . My cosplay plans revolve around ACP/FUNamation booth times ,:iconsakusakus: , and :iconlisu-c:

Friday: 12 - 3 working the booth then Lolizune/Boobiezune from Soul Eater with :iconsakusakus: then maybe Duskull from Pokemon with :iconlisu-c: and his brother. Then maybe Masqu Ball? :DDD

Saturday: Nia from Gurren Lagann with :icondynamitebreakdown: and :iconsakusakus: then 2 - 6 booth times. After that will be Meiko with :iconlisu-c: 's Kaito and hopefully meet up with awesome peeps.

Sunday: 10 - 12:30 booth times then go home.

Have any questions? XD
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So, I don't make most of my costumes.

I don't photograph most of my costumes, I may set up shots, but I dont actually take the photo.

Would it be fair to post costumes if I don't make, shoot, but only model them?

DA is for creativity and art and passion. Would modeling count as this?

Ramble ramble ramble . Had my first part of my English final today and I am poooped.

First journal and possibly the last journal I will right on DA. I will probably delete this some time soon.